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01 February 2010

The Audio-Technica Clear Sound Rebate

Save on ALL Audio-Technica UniPoint® mics and MicroSet® headworn mics

Get a $30 REBATE on ALL Audio-Technica UniPoint mics and MicroSet headworn mics purchased between February 1, 2010 and April 30, 2010. No limit!

Register ONLINE at http://audio-technicaus.4myrebate.com
Click here for PDF mail-in rebate form.

UniPoint® Installed-Sound Microphones – $30 rebate

Renowned handheld, hanging, gooseneck & boundary microphones offer solutions for every house-of-worship need … and freedom from unwanted radio frequency interference

MicroSet® Subminiature Headworn Microphone – $30 rebate
Inconspicuous, lightweight headset is ideal for applications requiring minimum visibility & maximum intelligibility

NO LIMIT! You get $30 back for each qualified product you purchase!

MicroSet® Subminiature Omni Condenser Headworn Microphone
BP892 Black Microset w/Power Module
BP892-TH Beige Microset w/Power Module
BP892c Black Microset Unterminated
BP892c-TH Beige Microset Unterminated
BP892cL4 Black Microset w/Lemo
BP892cL4-TH Beige Microset w/Lemo
BP892cLM3 Black Microset w/3.5mm Lk Plug
BP892cLM3-TH Beige Microset w/3.5mm Lk Plug
BP892cT4 Black Microset w/TA4F
BP892cT4-TH Beige Microset w/TA4F
BP892cT5 Black Microset w/TA5F
BP892cT5-TH Beige Microset w/TA5F
BP892cW Black Microset for Wireless
BP892cW-TH Beige Microset for Wireless

AT892 Black Microset w/Power Module
AT892-CO Cocoa Microset w/Power Module
AT892-TH Beige Microset w/Power Module
AT892c Black Microset Unterminated
AT892c-CO Cocoa Microset Unterminated
AT892c-TH Beige Microset Unterminated
AT892cL4 Black Microset w/Lemo
AT892cL4-CO Cocoa Microset w/Lemo
AT892cL4-TH Beige Microset w/Lemo
AT892cLM3 Black Microset w/3.5mm Lk Plug
AT892cLM3-CO Cocoa Microset w/Miniplug
AT892cLM3-TH Beige Microset w/Miniplug
AT892cT4 Black Microset w/TA4F
AT892cT4-CO Cocoa Microset w/TA4F
AT892cT4-TH Beige Microset w/TA4F
AT892cT5 Black Microset w/TA5F
AT892cT5-CO Cocoa Microset w/TA5F
AT892cT5-TH Beige Microset w/TA5F
AT892cW Black Microset for Wireless
AT892cW-CO Cocoa Microset for Wireless
AT892cW-TH Beige Microset for Wireless

UniPoint® Installed-Sound Microphones
U841A Boundary Mic-Omni
U851A Boundary Mic-Cardioid
U851R Boundary Mic- Cardioid
U851RW White Boundary Mic- Cardioid
U853A Hanging Mic- Cardioid
U853AU Hanging Mic- UniLine
U853AW White Hanging Mic- Cardioid
U853AWU White Hanging Mic- UniLine
U853PM Hanging Mic- Cardioid
U853PMU Hanging Mic- UniLine
U853PMWWhite Hanging Mic- Cardioid
U853PMWU White Hanging Mic- UniLine
U853R Hanging Mic- Cardioid
U853RU Hanging Mic- UniLine
U853RW White Hanging Mic- Cardioid
U853RWU White Hanging Mic- UniLine
U857AL Adapter Mic- Cardioid
U857AU Adapter Mic- UniLine
U857Q Quick-Mount Mic- Cardioid
U857QL Quick-Mount Mic- Cardioid
U857QLU Quick-Mount Mic- UniLine
U857R Adapter Mic- Cardioid
U857RL Adapter Mic- Cardioid
U857RLU Adapter Mic- UniLine
U857RU Adapter Mic- UniLine
U859QL Quick-Mount Mic- Cardioid
U873R UniPoint Handheld Microphone
U891R Boundary Mic- Cardioid with Switch
U891RC Boundary Mic- With Local or Remote Switching
U891RW White Boundary Mic- Cardioid with Switch

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