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21 October 2008

Elation DMX-16 System

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Elations DMX-16 Control System Offers Simple,
Expandable Solution For DMX On/Off Switching

Ever wish there was an easier way to control the On/Off switching of your DMX lighting fixtures? Now there is – thanks to Elation Professionals new DMX-16 System, an expandable DMX On/Off switch controller system that includes everything you need to take command of your DMX lights: a 16-channel DMX-16SW Control Panel, two 4-channel DP-415 DMX Switch Packs, and the necessary cables to link the system together.

Ready to use “out of the box,” the DMX-16 System lets you hook up 8 DMX fixtures (4 on each Switch Pack) for convenient On/Off control from the DMX-16SW Control Panel. What if you have more than 8 DMX lights? Thats the really good news – the system is fully expandable! The DMX-16SW Control Panel can support up to two additional Switch Packs, making it capable of controlling a total of 16 DMX effects. Whats more, the DMX-16SW Control Panel will work with any DMX Dimmer/Switch Pack on the market, not just those sold by Elation.

But the flexible DMX-16 System doesnt stop there. To handle even larger numbers of DMX fixtures, multiple DMX-16SW Control Panels can be linked together. Up to 32 DMX-16SWs can be linked, providing at-your-fingertips On/Off control of an impressive 512 DMX channels!

Great for showrooms, bowling centers, hotels, trade shows — or even DJs and entertainers who need basic switch control of DMX lights – the DMX-16 System represents a much-needed solution for all types of DMX users, said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies, the parent company of Elation Professional. “With more people going to DMX lighting, our salespeople were telling us that their customers wanted a very simple-to-use DMX On/Off control system like our Light Co-Pilot controller, which is an analog unit. So in response to this demand, we developed a similar system that incorporated DMX,” said Davies.

“We also decided to make the system easily expandable up to 512 channels,” added Davies. “Thats what makes the DMX-16 System really unique — its a very flexible DMX switching control solution, and one that can grow with your needs.”

The 16-channel DMX-16SW Control Panel features 3-pin XLR, DMX Input and Output for easy linkage to other control panel units and to dimmer/switch packs. The Control Panel includes 16 On/Off channel switches with LED indicators, a 10-position dip switch for setting DMX address, and power failure memory. It measures 19” x 3.25” x 1.75”, and weighs 5.1 lbs.

The 4-channel DP-415 Dimmer/Switch Packs are equipped with dual 15 Amp Edison sockets per channel. They have a load capacity of 5 Amps per channel, with a 15 Amp maximum On at one time. Each DP-415 Pack features a 10 position dip switch for setting DMX address, 4 channel intensity LED indicators, and a convenient reversible hanging bracket that allows for very flexible rigging options. Extremely compact and lightweight, each DP-415 Pack measures 7.1” x 7” x 2.52”, and weighs 3.1 lbs.

The DMX-16 System also comes with a 25 DMX cable and a 10 DMX cable, which are used to connect from the control panel to a pack and from pack to pack. Everything needed to hook up you DMX fixtures for switch control is included in one convenient package!

The MSRP of the DMX-16 System – including the DMX-16SW Control Panel, two DP-415 DMX Dimmer/Switch Packs, and one 25 and one 10 DMX cable – is $419.95.

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