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08 September 2008

Soundcraft Si3 Shipping in October

I heard this morning that the new Soundcraft Si3 is supposed to be shipping in October with a street price of about $35-40k. This will definitely help Soundcraft’s presence in the middle of the road console market. Of course, it may still be out of the reach of many churches who are looking at an LS9 or similar console. Sometimes it isn’t all about money though and we have to factor into the equation features and the quality of the console.

I would further predict that this is just a start and we will be continually seeing smaller digital consoles with lower price points. As I discussed the other day, it is easier to scale a product down that it is to try and scale it up. Yamaha has been in the game a little while longer, so they have already been taking their consoles to a smaller scale. Where some of the competition comes in (like Soundcraft) with coming to the market with a product later is that they have been able to see what everyone else has done and aim to improve the products and market.

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