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04 September 2008

Midas Announces the PRO6

Midas has slowly been giving us information regarding the XL8’s little baby brother. (It seems that everyone is introducing a new baby brother these days – I just wrote about the UR1M last week.) Many knew or expected that a smaller version of their flagship console must be on the way so that it would be more within the reach of most people’s budget. Well, their theory is that they needed to start with he big guy and then scale it down from there. The real advantage of scaling something down instead of up is that you know the infrastructure can handle it. The last thing any designer or manufacturer would want to do is take a small product and try to make it larger only to find out that it doesn’t scale. Midas has taken the correct approach with this console. Sometimes it sucks that we have to wait for the tools we really want; this one will be worth the wait!

The PRO6 is scheduled to be revealed at PLASA next week (September 7-10, 2008) and I’m sure there will be a crowd there waiting to get their hands on it. The console is being compared to a digital Heritage with the tag line “digital, with Heritage.”

The new product brochure tells us:

The Midas PRO6 Live Audio System is the second networked digital audio system from Midas. Employing technologies developed from the class-leading XL8, the PRO6 offers the same exemplary sample-synchronised audio performance in a compact package.

Although the PRO6 standard system comprises a Control Centre with a footprint similar to that of a 32 channel Verona and only two 7U 19” rack units, it’s diminutive size belies its ability to provide up to 80 simultaneous input processing channels and up to 32 (+3) discrete mixes in monitor mode, all of which feature EQ and a choice of many dynamics processing options. By adding additional I/O hardware the PRO6’s network can be expanded up to 264 inputs and 264 outputs. These connections can be patched and routed on a scene-by-scene basis, by use of the PRO6’s powerful snapshot automation.

In typical Midas fashion, they were concerned with ensuring the Midas sound with the digial consoles which is achieved through Midas microphone pre-amps and Midas class plugins. Reliability is handled with redundant master control computers, power supplies and data links.

Alas, I probably won’t get my hands on one until October and I’ll be sure to enjoy it and report back to you. In the meantime, have fun drooling over the new product brochure or check out the teaser. And hey, let me know if something like this would work for you and we’ll discuss your needs and find out how we can get the product to you. You can always call 877-4-CBC-TECH or drop us an email at sales@cbctechnical.com. We look forward to discussing this product and your needs with you.

How could this console work for you? What features are you looking forward to?

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