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13 August 2008

TASCAM Duplicators For Every Media

NEW Duplicators Feature Rackmount Packages and New Media

Being a division of TEAC puts TASCAM on the cutting edge of media technology, which is how we can offer the most reliable CD and DVD duplicators. Continuing in this tradition, TASCAM is pleased to announce several new duplication products to consultants and integrators. The new DV-W11R and DV-W14R are rackmount duplicators based on the same high-speed, reliable TEAC optical drives as TASCAM’s current duplicators. The DV-W11R 1×1 duplicator is perfect for recording studios, houses of worship or anywhere else rackmounting is important. The DV-W14R includes a high-speed hard drive for saving disc images that can be written over and over. It has one master transport and four destination drives, and two can be chained together for 1×8 duplication. When the hard drive is used as a master source, the DV-W14R uses all fi ve drives for writing new discs. All of the machines feature 12x DVD drives for fast duplication. Two more new duplicators provide duplication for SD cards and USB Flash drives. The SSD/USB/11 duplicates USB Flash drives, making it ideal for giveaways, software distribution and other USB drive needs. The SSD/SD/11 copies SD Cards, making it essential for manufacturers, cell phone providers and retail chain displays. Each of the duplicators copies one source to as many as 11 destinations. As new media destinations develop, you can be sure that TEAC and TASCAM will continue to lead the way with essential new tools for cutting-edge applications.

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