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18 June 2008

CBC Joins The L-Acoustics Network


CBC Technical is proud to announce for those customers who have asked for it, that we are now L-Acoustics dealers.  You can find the entire line available to you online here.

Unique products require a unique approach… For this reason, L-ACOUSTICS created the V-DOSC Network.

With over 90 service providers in over 40 countries, this is the First Worldwide Rental Network for International Touring, providing some 10,000 DOSC enclosures with universal system compatibility and a global training support program.

In addition, L-ACOUSTICS Representatives, Distributors and Certified Providers, support the entire L-ACOUSTICS range of products, for sales and installations worldwide.

In North America, L-ACOUSTICS US is the manufacturing and distribution arm of the Europe-based parent company L-ACOUSTICS, first recognized in the US with the revolutionary V-DOSC line source array system (and used for the 1994 Billboard Awards Show, the 1995 Grammy Awards Show, Oscars and MTV Awards). As L-ACOUSTICS US expanded dramatically, the 2,000th V-DOSC was sold in June in 2004. L-ACOUSTICS boasts a superior sound quality and a better return on investment and fosters the continued promotion of the V-DOSC and dV-DOSC owner’s networks.

From venues of 100 seats to 100,000 and beyond, L-ACOUSTICS systems offer the highest level of performance available for challenging application designs with the benefit of an extensive technical support, experienced staff and advanced predictive models.

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