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25 April 2008

Mongoose Helps CobraNet Work Smarter


CobraNet revolutionized the distribution of audio in large-scale venues. However, if you’ve used CobraNet, you’ve run into a couple of “gotcha’s”. Since CobraNet is based on multiple virtual bundles of 8 audio channels, it is generally too expensive to use in transporting small numbers of audio channels. Rane’s new Mongoose and RAD remotes solve these problems (along with a few others) by converting audio to or from digital at the wall plate and transporting it over CAT 5 cables. It allows you to route these remotes to or from CobraNet and aggregate audio channels for full bundle utilization. Mongoose provides significant reductions in cost, labor and set up:

  • CAT 5 cable instead of more expensive mic cables.
  • Automatic self-testing of cables and remotes.
  • Eliminates EMI and ground loops.
  • Allows hot-swapping of RAD remote wall plates.
  • Crimp-on RJ-45 connectors rather than soldering XLRs.

Mongoose’s 32-by-32 matrix router receives 16 audio channels from eight RADs via eight 8P8C (RJ-45) RAD ports. The second group of 16 input channels comes from two eight-channel CobraNet receive Bundles via CobraNet Primary and Secondary/backup ports. The 32 matrix router outputs 16 channels to eight RADs and 16 more channels to two CobraNet transmit Bundles.

RADs convert analog audio to and from 24-bit, 48 kHz digital audio and mount in standard US electrical gang boxes. CAT 5 cable transport four channels – two in each direction – along with power, ground and a communications channel via Rane’s proprietary RAD Network.

The Ethernet port provides direct or network connection to a computer running the included Mongoose Tracker setup software. It supports Auto MDI/MDIX, which detects and permits either an Ethernet crossover cable (included) or a standard Ethernet cable when directly connecting to a computer for setup.

Mongoose and RAD remotes are scheduled to ship May 2008.

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