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28 April 2006

Grand Tradition Opens Arbor Terrace

Fallbrook, CA – AT WaterfallOpening in April of 2006, the Arbor Terrace Pavilion and its surrounding waterfalls and gardens are the newest attraction at the Grand Tradition Estate. The casual and relaxing atmosphere, tranquil beauty, and open air feel are just a few of the unique features that set Arbor Terrace apart. Gently swaying palms, fragrant Plumeria and Champaca blossoms, and cascading waterfalls create an Eden like feel that is simply divine. Beautiful bridges, expansive lawns, whimsical water fountains, and statuaries all combine to enhance the gardens natural beauty. The Arbor Terrace Pavilion features arched French style windows, a fabric draped canopy on the ceiling, and is accented with airy floral draped arbors.

AT zx1CBC Technical was pleased to be offered the opportunity to build sound, lighting and video systems for the Grand Tradition. CBC already had a good understanding of the requirements for Arbor Terrace from working with the Grand Tradition for nearly a decade, but still spent the time to ensure that the installed systems would met or exceed requirements and expectations. Systems were needed for both the wedding site and the pavilion and eventually will include background music and paging applications throughout the expansive gardens. CBC designed the systems with ease of setup and integration with other on site systems in mind allowing for redundancy and ease of training on site staff.

AT zx1 leftThe wedding/waterfall location consists of two Electro-Voice ZX1i-90 speakers permanently installed and one SbA 760+ powered subwoofer. An audio snake along with speaker cable and power was installed in weatherproof boxes to keep the setup simple and the area as free as possible from cable clutter. AT sba760In addition to meeting the needs of in house audio crews, the snake was designed with outside vendors in mind as well, allowing videographers to route microphones through underground cabling and get a feed from the house console in convenient locations.

AT FOHFront of house is stocked with a Soundcraft GB8 24 channel audio console to provide ample aux sends for IEM systems for the live keyboardist as well as other musicians and singers as needed. Processing is done through an Ashly Protea System II 4.24G 4 Ch graphic EQ/processor, although the actual system is largely unprocessed. Playback is provided through Denon DN-C635 and DN-C615 CD/MP3 players. A TC Electronic M-One XL provides FX as needed. An Ashly PE 2400 Amplifier powers the ZX1’s. Shure’s UHF-R wireless systems are used for lavaliere microphones on the officiant as well as the groom (or other speakers) as well as Beta 87A handhelds for other performers. A live keyboardist typically plays a Roland RD-500, although brides are able to provide other sources of accompaniment such as string quartets or provide all the music on CD.

AT Video ScreenThe pavilion has four EV ZX1i-90w speakers flown to provide even coverage throughout the venue. There is independent control of front and rear speakers to allow greater sound output at the dance floor than at the rear of the room, although reception DJ’s are required to bring their own speakers. While the zx1’s have impressive low end for a single 8” LF, they can be supplemented by the Sba760 powered subwoofer when extra low end is needed. AT Projector & LightsThe pavilion also features a Sanyo PLC-XP51 4000 lumen XGA video projector and Da-Lite 150” diagonal screen for video montages, computer (PowerPoint/Keynote) presentations and Satellite TV. AT Video RackTypically, a small rack consisting of a Denon DN-V200 DVD player, Ashly MX-406 Mixer and QSC RMX2450 amplifier powers the pavilion system, although the larger FOH rack can be used when extra inputs or processing are required. Also provided in the pavilion are 8 Elation Opti Par lighting fixtures to allow the pavilion to be washed in colors to correspond with the event.

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